Townsends Inlet Bridge Reconstruction
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Townsends Inlet Bridge Reconstruction

The Cape May County Board of Chosen Freeholders issued the construction Contract 2018PW-14 Ocean Drive Bridge (CR619) Bridge over Townsends Inlet Spans 1-7 Replacement to Agate Construction Co., Inc. in July 2018. The scope of work for the contract on the Avalon side of the bridge include the removal of seven existing bridge spans (Spans 1 through 7), six existing substructure piers (Piers 1 through 6), and one existing abutment (South Abutment) and replaced these features with four new bridge spans (Spans 1 through 4), three new substructure piers (Piers 1 through 3), and one new abutment (South Abutment), as well as reconstruction of the existing seawall and concrete pavement in the vicinity of the South Abutment. Piers 1 through 3 consist of 60-inch diameter concrete filled steel pipe piles and cast-in-place concrete cap. The South Abutment consisted of 14-inch-diameter concrete filled steel pipe piles and cast-in-place concrete walls. Spans 1 through 3 consisted of precast concrete girders, cast-in-place bridge deck and sidewalk, and steel bridge rail. Span 4 was a structural steel span which tied into the existing bridge structure and had a cast-in-place bridge deck and sidewalk and steel bridge rail.

  • Client: Cape May County
  • Location: Avalon, NJ
  • Dollar Amount: $9M
  • Year Completed: 2022
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